In this small African nation crippled by poverty, famine, and HIV/AIDS, MAF brings the good news of Jesus Christ as well as access to food, medicines, and other services.

Since 1980, MAF has provided safe, efficient air transportation for the Lesotho Flying Doctor Service (LFDS).and other agencies operating in Lesotho. In addition, MAF provides weekly flights to six health clinics operated by Partners In Health (PIH). Nearly 200,000 people depend solely on LFDS and PIH for medical care.

Currently, nine MAF missionary families and seven indigenous staff workers operate and maintain four aircraft. MAF serves 12 rural mountain health posts from over 20 dirt airstrips carved into the nation’s rugged mountains. MAF services enable the work of over 35 partner agencies, including Africa Inland Mission (AIM), Southern Baptist Mission, William J. Clinton Foundation, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Samaritan’s Purse, and Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM).

In the past 12 months, the MAF program in Lesotho ...

  • Executed 2,964 flights,
  • Transported 5,503 passengers, and
  • Delivered 215,563 pounds of cargo
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Adopt 7P-CMH in Lesotho7P-CMH can tell you some stories of her adventures in Lesotho. She has spent a lot of time with Basotho shepherds in the rugged mountains. They tell stories to pass the time, and in the years 7P-CMH has been in Lesotho, she has become quite the master storyteller. 7P-CMH is not afraid of heights (most of MAF’s planes aren’t…) which is a good thing, since Lesotho is known as the “mountain kingdom” and most of the strips 7P-CMH lands on are high in the mountains. 7P-CMH is passionate about the people of Lesotho and wants to bring both spiritual and medical hope to this small African country.
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