MAF Response to Covid-19

April Update

March Update

COVID-19 is currently affecting nearly every aspect of life on a global scale. There is nowhere we can go to get away from the impact it will have on our lives. Thankfully, the same is true of God’s presence! (Psalm 139:7-12) As a ministry, MAF will continue to look for ways we can serve isolated people and the world during these uncertain times. We greatly desire to manage well the tension between serving the needs of others while faithfully caring for the health and well-being of the MAF family. To that point, we have created a Crisis Management Team that meets daily to address COVID-19’s impacts on our work and those we serve.

We have put into place protocols to prevent the transmission of the virus by our flight operations and conversely, making sure our people are safe in the possibility the person they are transporting is infected. We are also operating in compliance with the government in the locations that we serve.

The restrictions under which we now operate have impacted our operations to a degree, but we will continue to serve isolated people and provide them with physical and spiritual hope.

I believe all of us are finding certain things in our lives being torn down and rearranged. Things that may have been of great importance to us feel like they are slipping from our grasp. While it may be hard to acknowledge it, God may very well be doing a good and needed work in our hearts. Growth often comes through times of difficulty. So, we believe that we should be cautious to not be driven by a spirit of fear, but rather one of discernment, prayer, and gratitude, as we ask, “Lord, what do you desire to do in us during this moment?”

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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