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MAF missionaries raise support for a pooled fund out of which MAF covers salary, housing, benefits, and staff-related ministry expenses. MAF exercises discretion over the use of missionary support to carry out its mission and care for its staff.

Daniel Goheen is a second generation MAF pilot/mechanic eager to follow in his parents’ footsteps. Daniel will be sharing Christ’s love through aviation by performing medical emergency flights and carrying evangelists, pastors, church workers, missionaries, doctors, aid workers, building supplies, mail, and medicines. He hopes to be involved in the local church and find time to disciple other men during his overseas service.

Daniel was born in Tacoma, Washington, to Tom and Marian Goheen, and promptly whisked overseas to live the Missionary Kid (MK) life in Zaire, Mali, Ivory Coast, Germany, and Central Asia. At an early age, Daniel was aware that he did bad things and was a sinner. During the family’s first furlough when he was four years old, Daniel encountered the grave of a missionary who had served in Ivory Coast, which prompted him to think about life, death, heaven, hell, sin, and forgiveness. His mother led him to Jesus shortly afterwards, and he has grown to love the Lord more and more with each passing year.

Daniel developed a passion for aviation and for other people through the example his parents set in their time serving with MAF in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), Mali, and Central Asia. In high school, Daniel first felt called to lay down his life to serve in God’s Kingdom and found himself willing to go anywhere in the world to do so. Daniel attended LeTourneau University from 2005 until graduation in 2009. Near the end of his time in college, Daniel had some difficult experiences that prompted him to cling to God’s Word and cry out to Him in a way he had never experienced before. During this season of trial and emotional turmoil, Daniel’s head knowledge of God’s love for him finally sank down into his heart, due to God’s continuous provision including gaining a job at Duncan Aviation in Provo, Utah. Daniel’s awareness of God’s love and provision has become a source of continual joy and peace to sustain him through transitions, the passing of his father to cancer, and the trials associated with student loan repayment. Today, when hard situations come about, Daniel is confident he can rest in God’s hands for sustenance.

Looking back on his life, Daniel can see all the ways that God was leading him one step at a time to prepare him for service in the Kingdom. It is as if God has called him from the farthest corners of the earth, and has not rejected him, but rather has called him by name, and takes hold of his hand. Daniel gives glory to God who is the One who helps him and sustains him.

God calls the men and women of MAF to serve Him in unique ways.  He may also be calling you to a special role in Daniel’s ministry.  Please prayerfully consider becoming a ministry partner with him through prayer and/or financial support.

Country of Service

Map of DRC

2 Bases: Kinshasa, Nyankundé
7 Aircraft
Population: 83.3 million
Capital: Kinshasa
Official Language: French
Currency: Congolese Franc (CDF)

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