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MAF missionaries raise support for a pooled fund out of which MAF covers salary, housing, benefits, and staff-related ministry expenses. MAF exercises discretion over the use of missionary support to carry out its mission and care for its staff.

John and JoAnn Munsell are a missionary pilot/mechanic family serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship at the headquarters in Nampa, Idaho.  John and JoAnn served in Port au Prince, Haiti for over 22 years and transitioned to work at headquarters in 2020. Their children, Marshall and Kelly, grew up in Haiti and are now finishing up college and moving into the work world. The Munsells are thankful to have been a key part in so many ministries in Haiti and are excited to be serving MAF in a different capacity.

John continues using the gifts the Lord has given him.  His primary role is as an aircraft mechanic, preparing aircraft for service overseas. He also serves MAF staff working overseas by helping them with technical questions and occasionally travelling to our bases overseas to help as needed.  John enjoys encouraging the next generation of MAF missionaries as they come through Idaho preparing to serve overseas.  James 1:5 is a special verse for John. He knows that when times are difficult and confusing, God has promised wisdom to deal with these challenges. John says, “If we ask and look for His direction and wisdom, we will find it.”

Transitioning back to the U.S. after 20 plus years can be difficult.  JoAnn’s vision for involvement in ministry after returning was fairly broad; she wanted to be more involved in mentoring and/or discipleship.  After giving herself some time to settle in, set up their house, and get to know their new surroundings, JoAnn was able to find a position with a Teen Challenge program in Nampa.  JoAnn worked with Teen Challenge in Haiti and never imagined that God would lead her to a program in Idaho as well. She is Direct Care Staff and will soon be working with a few girls on a one-to-one basis, helping them navigate a personal study program and encouraging them as they move through the program.  JoAnn is also pursuing her art, likes to “upcycle” furniture, and is enjoying all that comes with owning a house. Changes, both expected and unexpected, seem to be the norm in life, and they can be quite challenging.  As such, Proverbs 3:5-6 remains a foundation in JoAnn’s walk. “If I acknowledge God in all my ways, He will make my path straight.  I picture a long road ahead of me, with no curves, no blind corners where I can’t see what’s coming; my path is sure as I take the next step in faith.”

John was raised in a strong Christian family in Naperville, IL. His parents and his church presented the gospel to him, and, at the age of four, he accepted Christ as his Savior.  Growing up, the Lord continued to direct and call John into missions and aviation. He earned a B.S. in mission aviation technology from Moody Bible Institute. He is also a flight instructor, an aviation maintenance technician, and an inspector.

JoAnn grew up in Michigan and comments, “I was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ at the age of five. I rededicated my life to the Lord in high school. It was then that I decided to pursue full-time Christian work.” JoAnn received a diploma in Bible theology from Moody Bible Institute.

God calls the men and women of MAF to serve Him in unique ways. He may also be calling you to a special role in the Munsells’ ministry. Please prayerfully consider becoming a ministry partner with them through prayer and/or financial support.

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The U.S. offices of MAF serve as a hub for MAF services worldwide. A day in the life here includes specialized flight training, staff mobilization and counseling, purchasing and shipping of aircraft parts, finance and accounting, administration of an Internet gateway for worldwide email, fund raising, printing and mailing of various materials, and many, many more activities. Some staff serve around the country; training future pilots and mobilizing potential candidates to serve with MAF.

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