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  • Growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Personal commitment to serve cross-culturally based on a clear understanding of God’s command to make disciples of all nations and serve the needy.
  • Team player with a servant heart.
    Affirmation by other mature Christians of spiritual maturity and suitability for missionary service.
  • Two years of active involvement in a local church and/or Christian service.
  • Minimum of 12 hours of college-level Bible courses or equivalent Bible training. The Biblical training should provide in-depth study of both the New and Old Testament books. Discipleship training, seminars, Bible teaching, formal Bible studies are also considered in evaluating Bible knowledge. View a list of recommended Bible schools.
  • Good physical and emotional health and stamina
    Willingness and ability to raise personal financial support. After acceptance, MAF will train you on how to raise your support.

The spouse must meet the same personal qualifications. Husband and wife join MAF as a ministry team. However, spouses are not assigned specific jobs or duties. They have the freedom to minister and serve in any way that suits their family priorities and personal gifts and talents.

Yes, all MAF Members have the privilege of developing a team of prayer and financial supporters. MAF provides a two-week seminar on ministry partnership development immediately after candidacy. Each MAF staff person/family is assigned a Ministry Partnership Coach who will guide and assist them in the process.

United States tax laws make it difficult for non-US citizens to join MAF-US directly. Check the MAF International page to see if there is an MAF in your country.

MAF understands the importance of children’s education, and will work with you to determine the best solution for your family. Typical options may include international schools, mission schools, home schooling, and local schools.

MAF management gives serious consideration to your preference, but many factors go into a regional assignment. These include MAF’s current and projected needs, technical specifications of the region, as well as, your family needs and strengths.


Age is a consideration. Generally we recruit pilots between the ages of 21 and 40. Evaluation and preparation, as well as ministry partnership development can take up to two years, then up to a year of language school is usually added before beginning to fly on the field. It is a very physically demanding job and pilots must receive a yearly waiver to continue flying after age 60.

Yes. Here is a look at ministry in MAF written by a female MAF pilot/mechanic called, “For A Woman (Pilot) Considering Missionary Aviation“.

A normal term of service is 3 and 1/2 years overseas and 6 months of home assignment. For most long-term MAF members, a minimum of 2 terms is expected.

Yes, but not until you go to your field assignment. Language training will be part of your first term.

MAF management gives serious consideration to your preference, but many factors go into a regional assignment-current and projected needs, family needs and strengths, technical specifications, etc.

View the current list of MAF-US programs.

Aircraft Mechanics

It is helpful, and many of our experienced mechanics eventually get the IA but you are not required to have it to join MAF. In order to join MAF you must pass the maintenance evaluation, but within MAF there are several levels of technicians.

Most of our aircraft are piston engine. MAF is adding more turbines to the fleet each year but turbine experience is not required to join.

MAF’s fleet of aircraft includes the Cessna 206 (slowly being retired), Cessna 208/Caravan, and Quest Kodiak. An applicant must pass a week -long practical test on systems and inspection procedures. If you have limited or no experience with general aviation then most likely you will need more experience before coming to MAF.

Yes. It depends on your experience and availability as well as current field needs. Short- term trips can be 2 two weeks up to 2 two years. You must first pass MAF’s technical evaluation for mechanics.

You do not need to speak a foreign language when you join. If you join as long-term member Member staff you will be sent to language school. Those serving in short- term assignments generally do not need language training.

Pilots (only)

In limited cases we have opportunities for pilots without a mechanics license. To apply as a pilot-only you must meet different requirements than to apply as a pilot/mechanic:

  • Commercial Pilot License with instrument rating
  • Minimum 1,000 hours total time
    • 100 hours of instrument experience
    • 200 hours of high performance time
    • A maximum of 500 hours of CFI and/or SIC (second-in-command) time may be considered toward the 1,000 total time.
  • Minimum 500 – 1,000 hours total time if looking to serve with MAF International
  • Maintenance help/duties will be expected on the field
  • Recommended:
    • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument rating
    • Turbine experience
  • MAF seldom accepts pilots who are only available for short term service. There are several things that make it prohibitive for short- term pilots.
  • Our aircraft are normally registered in the countries where we fly, and the pilots must all get licenses be licensed in that the country where they’ll be serving.
  • Orientation is very extensive and takes several months.
  • Pilots generally need to go to language school before beginning to fly.


  • Teacher certification is one way of evaluating an applicant’s ability to provide a good education for our students.
  • Some of the international schools where MAF places teachers are accredited and have this standard.
  • Certification also helps with the acquisition of a visa for the teacher.

No, MAF requires a minimum of one year of teaching experience. We find that living and working in a new culture requires takes a lot of adjustment. The first year of teaching is also extremely demanding. And, in many of our teaching locations there is not enough support to ensure a first-year teacher has a good and growing year.

Yes, all MAF staff must seek to develop ministry partners-those who will pray for them and share in the financial support of the work of MAF. However,MAF will subsidize teacher support so that the teacher can be on the field when school begins. Teachers must still participate in ministry partnership development.

Our teacher requests vary from year to year, but currently we are seeking teachers for East Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Asia, and Indonesia.

Accordion Yes. Teachers have a two and one-half week orientation at MAF Headquarters in Nampa, ID before leaving for their teaching assignment. This includes learning about MAF, topics on cross-cultural adjustment, missions, spiritual growth, security and teaching third- culture kids.

The mobilizer and prospective teacher look at the teaching specialty of the teacher and the needs for the current year and work toward the best match. Short Term Associate (STA) teachers are usually recruited with a specific assignment in mind, but flexibility and trust are always good foundational attitudes.

Technology Resources

Yes, please complete an inquiry form.

Hands-on experience with Network Administration, Server Administration, as well as, setting up and troubleshooting desktop computers.

Yes, we have opportunities for several months up to 2 two years depending on experience level.

No. MAF work is in remote regions of the world and each location has unique connectivity challenges that require on-site Technology Resources staff.

Administration of wired and wireless networks, network security, Windows and Linux servers, databases and applications for business needs, custom programming, email systems, and PC support.

Installation and maintenance of wired and wireless networks, network security, VSAT installations, computer training centers, server administration, business application support, PC support, custom applications and technologies developed to meet specific needs.