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Flight Crew Members, this is where you’ll find meaningful stories and reports about the impact you are making thanks to your monthly giving.

Your faithful support makes it possible to reach more people with lifesaving help and the hope of the gospel.

We hope you’ll see how God is working—through you and MAF—in the lives of isolated people. Your partnership is making stories like these possible.

An unexpected meeting with those who are saving the littlest of lives.
Democratic Republic of the Congo – July Update
From clean water to evacuations and safe arrivals
Democratic Republic of the Congo – November Update
A long delay, a movie, and hearts that are hungry for God’s Word
Papua, Indonesia – July 2022 Update
Missionary uses local arts to convey the gospel
Democratic Republic of the Congo – March 2022 Update
Reasons to celebrate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo – November 2021 Update


As a Flight Crew Member, you’ll share in the experience of MAF pilots as they bring the love of Jesus to isolated people.

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Here’s where you’ll have access to MAF archival videos, plus new videos from the field, and podcast episodes.

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Find yourself in the co-pilot seat and experience MAF like never before, through cockpit videos and cool 360-degree virtual reality videos.

Impact Stories

You’ll receive meaningful stories about all the incredible things your support is making possible.

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