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A Day in the Life…

A glorious sunrise crests over the horizon just as you finish up your preflight checklist at the MAF base. Now you’re ready for your first flight of the day: passengers heading to a remote village, and plenty of cargo—bags of rice, sugar, cooking oil, sacks of cement, sheets of plywood, cooking pots, and other items. Everything people living in an isolated village need.

As you’re pulling onto the tarmac a maintenance specialist, whose job it is to keep the fleet in tip-top shape, is running out from the hangar to change a flat tire on another airplane. That flight needs to happen quickly as there’s been a request for an emergency medical evacuation in a nearby village.

Over at the far corner of the hangar, an IT specialist is doing some work on the MAF VSAT. The MAF families in this area depend on it. So do other missionaries living in remote villages, including Bible translators who need it to communicate with their teams and check their work.

Finally, after all of the airplanes have taken off for their first destinations of the day, now the MAF teachers are making their way to school where they teach the children of MAF missionaries. They are a vital part of the team and a great support to the MAF parents, allowing them to stay on the field.

Are You Ready to Serve?

Are you passionate about a career that’s focused on reaching isolated people with the love of Jesus Christ and seeing lives transformed? Do you feel called to serve overseas in a cross-cultural context? Then you’ve come to the right place.

There are opportunities for MAF missionaries to serve in the areas of aviation, education, information technology, and business administration.

Not ready to serve overseas?

Learn more about other opportunities to serve.

More Information

Still have questions? Connect with one of the MAF Mobilizers in your area and find out if God is calling you to a career with MAF.

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