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Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving Programs

Corporate Giving: Many companies offer a workplace giving program where you can contribute to charities like MAF. Some will even offer to match your gift! Ask your employer whether MAF is eligible for their giving program, and if they will match your gift. You can use the Matching Gifts Company Database search tool to get started.

United Way: Does your employer promote workplace fundraising through United Way? If so, you may be able to designate your contributions to MAF. Ask your employer for more information.


MAF in your Workplace

Consider becoming an MAF ambassador in your workplace. By doing so, you can introduce your coworkers to the ministry of MAF and share the work that God is doing through the organization. In some employers’ giving campaigns, MAF may not be considered eligible for giving unless advocated for by an employee. Your employer may also allow MAF to host an event at your workplace if invited by an employee. If you are willing to help open the door for MAF to be represented at your company, MAF will provide the necessary materials to help you introduce others to MAF. Please contact us with the form below.


Organizations that Partner with MAF

Your employer may be one of hundreds of companies that are generously matching their employees’ contributions to MAF. Requesting a matching gift is simple and increases the impact of your gift.

How Matching Gifts Help: Your gift’s impact is doubled when your employer matches! Many companies also match volunteer hours or gifts from spouses, retirees, and board members. Questions? Contact your human resources department or the MAF Workplace Giving Coordinator with the form below.


How to Double your Donation

  1. Search: Enter your company’s name in the Matching Gifts Company Database box and click “Search.” Or you can simply contact your employer’s Human Resources office and ask if your company matches employee donations.
  2. Review: If your employer is found in the Matching Gifts Company Database, review your company’s program guidelines found there to see if MAF is eligible to receive matching gifts. If your employer does not match employee contributions to MAF, please fill out the form below and we thank you for your efforts!
  3. Fill Out: After you’ve determined that MAF is eligible to receive matching gifts from your company, print or request a copy of your employer’s matching gift form (you may be able to fill it out and submit it electronically if your company has an Intranet).
  4. Send: If you’ve filled out a matching gift form by hand, rather than electronically, mail it to MAF, PO Box 47, Nampa, ID 83653-0047. The rest will be handled by MAF, and you’ll receive a confirmation of your employer’s generous matching donation going directly to MAF on your behalf.

Company Doesn’t Match?: If your company does not currently match gifts, ask them to consider this option. By supporting their employees’ generosity, companies can engage with employees’ interests and passions, strengthen team morale, and increase employee retention. Through a matching gift program, companies can also become more involved with the community. Most importantly, matching gifts change lives!

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