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Ways to Volunteer

Be the Action behind the Ministry

Through the local volunteer department of MAF, you can serve the Lord, transform lives, and be part of building God’s kingdom worldwide . . . right at MAF headquarters.

Serve as a Volunteer with MAF and actively work behind the scenes of ministry at our local office in Nampa, Idaho. Be a part of the great work God is doing by serving in areas like hangar inventory, cleaning, weeding, mowing, shredding papers, stuffing envelopes, writing hand-written notes, ironing, serving at events/banquets, organizing the gift shop, driving for hangar parts, giving tours, and providing airport transport.

MAF Volunteers impact the work of MAF’s global ministry by doing any of the necessary things at headquarters that frees up staff to focus on their specialized areas. Volunteers save our organization countless work hours and also finances. We provide the training, resources, and support you’ll need so that you can play a part in our overall goal of reaching the world with the love of Jesus Christ.

Are you ready to take action and volunteer?

*Due to FAA regulations and MAF specific training requirements we are NOT able to utilize volunteers in our hangar operations including aircraft maintenance and flight operations and training

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