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An Update on Pilot Ryan Koher


Update for March 22, 2023

Ryan has been enjoying his newfound freedom this past week and he shared a message with his coworkers that we want to share with you. That video can be found here.

He has been to a doctor for a checkup and also met with the U.S. Ambassador to Mozambique and some of his staff. They remain engaged with the case since Ryan is out on a provisional release.

Ryan has returned to his home in Nampula where he will wait for the judicial process to move forward on his case.

Please continue to pray that the case will be quickly dismissed and that Ryan is granted a full release, and that he can be reunited with his family soon..

As a reminder, any notes of encouragement for Ryan and Annabel can be sent to



To view a short video from Annabel Koher, Ryan’s wife, it can be viewed here.

Update for March 15, 2023

Statement on release of MAF pilot Ryan Koher from prison in Mozambique

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is pleased to confirm that pilot Ryan Koher has been granted a provisional release from prison in Mozambique.

Koher, an American pilot, along with two South African men, W.J. du Plessis and Eric Dry, also detained, left prison late on Tuesday afternoon. They have been held for more than four months.

They are required to remain in Mozambique and the case is still ongoing. We are continuing to learn more about next steps in the case from our legal counsel.

Ryan has talked with his wife, Annabel, and his two boys multiple times now and he is doing well.

The executive leadership team of MAF-US expresses its thanks for all those who have been praying for Ryan and his family. We ask for continued prayer that the final outcome will be a full release of Ryan from any charges and trial.

MAF is grateful to the courts in Mozambique for this decision. Out of respect for the legal process in Mozambique, MAF will make no further comment at this time.

# # #

Thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes can be sent to Annabel and Ryan at 


Update for March 7, 2023

Praise the Lord that Ryan’s wife, Annabel, was able talk to Ryan early Monday morning and he was able to speak to his two boys. Please continue to pray for the family as they endure this time apart.

The country director was also able to see Ryan on Monday as part of the visitation schedule. He reported that the new medication appears to be working and Ryan said he has less itching. The director also brought some books to Ryan and learned he can have some TV time. Ryan asked for a few items that the director will supply.

An official from the U.S. Embassy will be checking in on Ryan Wednesday. The country director met with embassy officials following his visit to the prison and the items requested by Ryan will be delivered during their meeting.

The Cessna 206 safely arrived in Nampula on Saturday and included Ryan’s personal items that were left behind. Ryan was concerned about losing his hat, sunglasses, and Leatherman tool and was relieved to learn they were secured!

Ryan’s lawyer is taking legal action to ensure that due process is followed in Ryan’s case. However, judicial review will likely take several weeks and your prayers are needed. Please pray that the case will move forward in a timely manner and that the prosecutor will drop the case so Ryan, and the two South Africans, will be released.

Thank you for continuing to lift the Koher family up in prayer.

Update for March 3, 2023

We can praise the Lord for the release of Ambassador Aviation’s (MAF’s name in Mozambique) Cessna 206 back to the organization. The Cessna 206 was flown to Beira, Mozambique after the battery was charged and the airplane carefully examined. Pilot Dave Holmes will bring the airplane to Nampula tomorrow (Saturday), pending clear weather.

Ryan’s wife, Annabel, had a designated time for a call with Ryan yesterday, but it did not occur. She made the call to the prison but was told to call back on Monday. Please pray that she will be able to speak to Ryan at this new time.

Prison doctors have provided Ryan with different medication to ease his itching. They want to see if he responds to the prescription before they allow an outside doctor to examine him.

Ambassador Aviation’s country director will visit Ryan on Monday at his designated time. Your prayers are requested to make sure the visit can take place.

Please continue to pray for Ryan’s release next week as we understand a decision by the prosecutor is required by law. Pray that the Lord will nudge his heart to have justice served and release Ryan and the two South Africans. Also, lift up Annabel in prayer to be strengthened by the Lord and to have peace that God is in control.

Thank you for continuing to uphold Ryan and Annabel with your prayers during this time of uncertainty.


Update as of February 27, 2023

March 4 marks four months of time in prison for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) pilot Ryan Koher in Mozambique. Through your prayers and those of many others around the world, Ryan has been strengthened by the Lord through this challenging time and has stood as a strong witness for Christ to those around him.

At the end of four months, Mozambican law requires the prosecutor to file the results of their investigation with a judge. Since the four-month period ends on the weekend, we anticipate the report on March 6. However, we have learned throughout this journey that dates are often “fluid,” and action may not happen when stated or required.

Please pray that the prosecutor will not charge Ryan and the two South African men with supporting terrorism and will immediately release them from jail. They were arrested on November 4 as they were preparing to load supplies on the airplane for an orphanage in the northern part of the country where insurgents have been attacking towns and infrastructure. Pray that justice will be done, and they will be released!

If you want to send Annabel a message, you can do so at While she won’t be able to respond to all emails, Annabel appreciates your support.

Thank you for your prayers for Ryan. We trust in the Lord’s mercy and timing.


Update as of February 17, 2023

Thank you for your continued prayers and fasting on behalf of Ryan. His wife, Annabel said, “Thank you all for praying on Ryan’s behalf—it is making a difference as God hears and answers!”

This was evidenced when Annabel was able to speak with Ryan this week. Ryan told her his itching had been getting worse and that he doesn’t sleep well because of it. But the night prior he said he had a decent night’s sleep. She told him it was because many people were praying and fasting for him, and that night coincided with the beginning of an organized prayer and fasting event on his behalf by MAF staff around the world.

Annabel also shared that Ryan was disappointed when he had heard the news of his bail being denied. He told her that the first couple of days after hearing the news were hard, but that he now has peace from God and is committed to His will. Please continue to pray that God’s peace and strength will be upon Ryan.

An official from the U.S. Embassy visited Ryan earlier in the week and was able to deliver a mattress cover and other items that Ambassador Aviation (MAF’s business name in Mozambique) had purchased for him. The official confirmed with the country director that Ryan is able to spend an hour outside each day. They also delivered letters for Ryan that he will eventually receive once they have been reviewed.

Late last week, U.S. Ambassador Vrooman was in Nampula, and the country director was able to meet with him privately to discuss Ryan’s situation. He was pleased to hear about the effort the embassy officials are making on behalf of Ryan.

The investigation by the Mozambican prosecutor is continuing and hopefully will wrap up at the end of the month. Please pray for the truth of the matter to be revealed to the prosecutor and that, upon completion of his work, Ryan and the South African men will be released.

Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for Ryan.



A Mozambican judge has denied bail for Ryan and the two South African men. Please continue to pray for Ryan and the two others with renewed fervor that the Lord would strengthen them and give them peace.

The arranged call for Annabel, Ryan’s wife, did not go through on the 7th. A new time for February 16 has been set for her to call. Please pray for that call to go through.

MAF’s country director was able to meet with Ryan, who asked for several items to help keep bugs away and for some over-the-counter medications. Pray he can find the right solution to stop the itching.

The director also visited embassy officials for an update on their activity and they continue to remain engaged with government officials about the case.

Please pray that this lengthy investigation will be completed and for Ryan to remain strong during this time. If you desire to send words of encouragement to Annabel, they can be emailed at



It is anticipated that a judge will rule on the bail request for Ryan next week. Please pray for God’s intervention to allow this request to be granted. 

Below is a letter from Ryan, thanking everyone for their prayers.

Letter to Everyone

He also asks for prayers for the two South African men and everyone’s health.

Prison officials have sent word that Annabel can make a phone call to Ryan on February 7 and 16. The calls will be limited to 10 minutes and on a speakerphone. MAF’s country director will also be able to visit Ryan the same day. The timing for the visit and call will be coordinated to prevent them from occurring at the same time.

Please continue to pray for Ryan and Annabel as his detention reaches three months on February 4. If you and others who are praying for them want to send words of encouragement, emails may be sent via

Thank you for your continued prayers on Ryan’s behalf. We trust in God’s timing.


Praise the Lord for the call between Annabel and Ryan early Tuesday morning! It took some effort, but after some delay, Annabel was able to speak with Ryan beginning around 2:30 a.m. Nampa, Idaho, time. Annabel and Ryan were able to talk for several minutes with the hope of being able to do so more often in the near future. God is good.

Annabel said it was wonderful that the boys heard their dad’s voice. She said, “It was encouraging to hear Ryan’s voice and know that he really is doing well considering the circumstances. Waking the boys with Ryan’s voice on speaker and seeing their huge smiles was such a sweet moment. I feel an increase in peace and steadfastness as we continue praying and waiting on the Lord. Those nearly two hours will be cherished until we next talk or he is released”

Annabel also said that Ryan shared that, “he is greatly encouraged by the global body of Christ praying and showing Jesus’ love during this time.”

Ryan said reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book, Cost of Discipleship, impacted him. He noted the need to be surrendered to God’s will and the fact that “Time is short, but eternity is long.”

He gets to have breakfast in the main area with the two South African men and they can be in the sun for a period of time. Ryan asked that we continue to pray for the South Africans who are also detained.

As for Ryan’s health, overall, he is doing well, but is dealing with itching. He has requested prayer for this since a prescription prescribed for him is not working.

Please continue to pray for Ryan and Annabel and that they continue to be strengthened by the Lord, and that this time apart will quickly end.

Please continue to send encouraging notes as they are uplifting to Annabel and she is able to pass along some of the comments to Ryan. Emails can be sent to

If you live in the Nampa, Idaho, area where MAF headquarters are located, notes and cards for Annabel can be left at the front desk at 112 N. Pilatus Lane, Nampa, or anyone can mail something to Annabel Koher at PO Box 47, Nampa, Idaho, 83653.


Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Ryan and Annabel. God has been gracious in responding to those prayers. MAF’s country director was given permission to personally visit Ryan. Until now, only his attorney and embassy officials were allowed to visit him.

The country director reported that Ryan looked good. He also reported that his faith is strong. Upon visiting with guards and other officials as he went through the various stages needed to visit Ryan, he heard how impressed the guards were with Ryan. He was pleased to see the positive impact for Christ that Ryan was having on others through his ordeal.

The country director was told that Ryan will be able to have a telephone conversation with his wife, who is back in the U.S. Even though the conversation for Annabel will take place sometime between midnight and 6:30 a.m. next week, she will not mind in the least! While we praise the Lord for this blessing after 11 weeks of separation, please pray that the phone call will take place as planned.

Please continue to pray that Ryan will be released upon completion of the lengthy investigation. The prosecutor is preparing to refer the case to the Criminal Investigation Judge to decide on Ryan’s release, allow bail, or to leave Ryan in jail. So your prayers are greatly needed on behalf of Ryan.

If you desire to send words of encouragement to Annabel, they can be emailed at


Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for Ryan and Annabel.

Below is the latest letter from Ryan as well as an excerpt of a letter he sent to his wife, Annabel. His faith remains strong and he is an encouragement to those around him.

An official from the embassy was able to meet with Ryan last Friday and they reported to Annabel on his safety and health. There are no issues related to his personal treatment in prison but he does have some minor medical issues related to bug bites.

Ryan’s attorney continues to press authorities to allow him to be released.

Excerpt from Ryan’s letter to his wife, Annabel:

If you want to send an email to uplift Annabel you can reach her at While she may not be able to respond to all emails, she will be encouraged by your support.


We are asking that you pray for Ryan Koher, a pilot for Mission Aviation Fellowship, who is in a high security prison in Mozambique. On November 4, he met two South Africans at an airport in southern Mozambique for a routine flight. They were bringing supplies for orphanages in the northern part of the country and it was a flight MAF, known as Ambassador Aviation Ltd. in Mozambique, had flown many times in the past. Before the airplane was loaded, police conducted a normal scan of the goods and had concerns about some vitamins, over-the-counter medications, and food preservative supplies that were going to staff at the orphanages.

Ryan and the two South Africans were detained that day on an accusation that quickly escalated to “supporting terrorism.” It has now been over 60 days of incarceration for Ryan and the two South Africans without any written charges and an investigation that is ongoing.

The northern part of the country has been dealing with jihadist insurgents for the past couple of years. To better understand the politics involved, Christianity Today wrote an excellent article about Ryan and the conflict in northern Mozambique that can be found here.

We ask that you fervently pray for the accusations to be dropped and for Ryan’s release from prison. 

Annabel and their two young sons have returned to MAF headquarters in Nampa, Idaho and are being cared for by family, their church family, and MAF staff. 

The prosecutor for Ryan’s case is out of the hospital from an undisclosed illness and has returned to work. This is important because Ryan’s attorney continues to press for a dismissal of the case, or at the very least, bail for Ryan.

An official from the U.S. Embassy is visiting Ryan on January 6. Currently, only Ryan’s attorney can visit him, with limited visits by embassy officials. Embassy officials believe that Ryan is innocent of any charges and his release is a priority for them.

Rolland Trempert, country director for Ambassador Aviation Ltd. (as MAF is known in Mozambique), was in the capital city of Maputo and had separate meetings with Ryan’s attorney and U.S. Embassy officials. He learned important details about the process and the case. He did attempt to visit Ryan, which he was not able to do since Ryan is still in the high security section of the prison. Rolland was able to meet with the director of the prison and they had a cordial visit.

If you want to send an email to uplift Annabel you can reach her at While she may not be able to respond to all emails, she will be encouraged by your support.

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