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A Kodiak Named PK-MJL

How MAF pilot Joyce Lin’s legacy lives on By Jeanelle Reider ______ COMMISSIONED On July 15, 2022, something happened to transcend tragedy. More than two

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Out of the Ashes

MAF comes alongside those who have experienced unthinkable tragedy in the DRC By Jeanelle Reider   You wouldn’t know it by Mama Celestine’s face. As

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A Journey of Trust

When loved ones are called to serve overseas   By Jeanelle Reider   Jake and Ada Breugem had no doubt God had called their daughter

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Journey to the Future

By Jeanelle Reider   Eight anxious young passengers gave one last hug to their hopeful parents, took a deep breath as the MAF pilot buckled

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A Mutual Blessing

How people like you are helping the gospel reach the ends of the earth “Lord, thank You for the opportunity to be involved with MAF

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