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Mother for Mother Trade

Here in Lesotho, my mom is visiting and she’s spending the morning flying with me, something we’ve only had a handful of opportunities to do

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Father-Son Day

  “Daddy, tomorrow I’m going to the hangar with you. We are going to go fly your airplane, eat our lunch in the mountains, and

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Inside-Out Holds Up

It’s a small personal victory, hoisting the windsock pole over Matekane’s western end with a new windsock proudly unfolding into the brisk winter wind. The

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Bike vs. Plane

A bead of sweat drips from my forehead onto the screen of my mountain bike’s GPS, obscuring my view of the altitude read out. It’s

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Airborne Encouragement

The game is very simple: fly over Merrill’s house undetected. Practically, that means before she can get to the radio saying she’s spotted me. If

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Final Approach

On approach at Methaleneng, one of our most wind-sensitive airstrips, I’m at the “abort point.” This is the point of no return for me. If

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Moving Time

Just when I’m getting the hang of my role as MAF Lesotho’s interim country program manager (PM), I get a curve ball that’s got me

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