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Bringing Hope to the Suffering

How you are bringing hope to those who are suffering, in Mozambique and Indonesia


Thank you for making it possible for MAF to respond to the people of Mozambique in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai. We’re grateful for your partnership! Our crew has been busy on the ground and in the air these past few days.

Members of the MAF Mozambique team and disaster response (DR) staff, continue to do aerial survey flights for the many government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) joining the relief efforts. World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse, World Food Program, and Red Cross are just a few that have arrived on the scene.

“A week ago today when we arrived in Beira there were only a dozen or so people,” reports MAF’s Jill Holmes. “Today, there are hundreds involved in the response. At this morning’s briefing meeting they announced that the UN has classified this response as a system-wide response, meaning it is their top priority crisis.”

One of the main roads between Beira and Chimoio is now open, and some aid can be moved by road and boat. But aircraft are still needed for areas that remain unreachable by road.

Mission Aviation Fellowship pilots and aid workers load the MAF Caravan aircraft with tents for temporary shelters after Cyclone Idai
The MAF Caravan is loaded with tents to shelter people who’ve been displaced by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. Photo by MAF.

MAF is transporting food, as well as tents and “family kits,” while partner Mercy Air continues to do food drops of high-energy biscuits from their helicopter.

Rick Emenaker, a member of the MAF DR team, accompanied Mercy Air on one of its flights. He reports seeing a small camp set up at a farm on the north bank of the river. But on the south side, people were cut off.

Rick learned that the farm had lost 45 of its workers in the flooding. “They have been using a boat to rescue people and deliver aid, and today was the first day the boat was able to access the south side. One lady with a newborn baby had been stuck on the south.

“The farmers are anxious to get seed because they believe if they can plant within the next two weeks (still rainy season), they can still get a crop and prevent further food security issues in the future,” added Rick.

MAF’s ability to be there for people suffering because of Cyclone Idai is only possible because of generous donors like you. We can’t thank you enough!

Here are the flights you made possible through March 24:

MAF Flights
MAF flights: 31
Flight hours: 26.8
Passengers: 107

MAF-Assisted Mercy Air Flights
Mercy Air flights: 22
Flight hours: 16.5
Passengers: 67

Here’s a quick update on our team in Papua, Indonesia and the clean-up efforts there.

People are starting to dig out after the floods and landslides that devastated many in Sentani, Papua. The city water system is down and MAF has been taking a truck around with a 1,100-liter water tank, filling up containers and storage tanks for our local employees and their neighbors as well as for different mission agencies and the local church. We’ve also passed out several Filter of Hope water filters at various locations around Sentani.

Mission Aviation Fellowship staff begin the arduous work of digging out after flooding and landslides in Sentani, Papua, Indonesia
MAF staff members pause during the arduous work of digging out. Photo by MAF.


Many of our local staff have been helping others dig out homes that have been buried, in some cases with over four feet of sand and mud! This is being done completely by hand and is a painstaking process.

There is a big need for cooking fuel and MAF staff members have been working on getting and distributing that. In the meantime, MAF has supplied about 100 liters of AVTUR (jet fuel) that can also be used in stoves.

Here’s how you can be praying for our staff and those affected by these natural disasters:

  • [In Mozambique] Cholera and other diseases are starting to be a concern. Please pray that the people in the area will be protected.
  • Pray that people will be able to plant soon to prevent long-term food insecurity.
  • Pray that people won’t have to be long in temporary camps or shelters but will be able to return to their homes soon.
  • Pray for the fortitude of our teams (in both locations).
  • Pray for the local staff families in Sentani, some of whom experienced a great deal of trauma.
  • Pray that the hearts of unbelievers will be drawn to Christ through the outpouring of love and help being shown by the body of Christ.

Thank you for your partnership with us to bring help and the love of Jesus to those who have lost so much. We appreciate you!




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