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Category: Restricted Access

A Light in the Dark

It’s “mati lampu” again—which means the power is out … again. (Can you hear the collective sigh from every home in our neighborhood?) We’ve been

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A Lesson in Lawn Care

Recently, we had new grass put in our yard, and have spent many days giving it the loving care it’s been denied for so long.

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We Got What We Ordered

Life is never boring here. We never go long without some new, and oftentimes, uncomfortable experience. You know the kind that I’m talking about: the

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Life Interrupted

Life is full of interruptions, isn’t it? Rarely a day goes by that my day hasn’t been interrupted in some way, whether big or small.

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Treasure in the Tropics

The palm tree bathing in the hot tropical sun. The mango tree decorated full with its own delicious ornaments. The desire for an ice-cold Coke

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