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Nothing’s Gonna Happen

The war shut down almost everything. Our host country, Ecuador, and its neighbor, Peru, fought over a portion of their common boundary. Understandably, the Ecuadorian

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Liquid Time

One afternoon I flew slow circles inside Ecuador’s Amazon jungle clouds. Not completely gray, I’d pop in and out of bright sunshine pockets above or

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A Tale of Two Tails

Pebbles scratched the paint. Bigger rocks just turned over in the propeller blast. But golf- to baseball-sized stones pounded the tail of my airplane. Couldn’t

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Feeling or Calling?

Medical evacuation flights really hurt during my first term. Once turned loose with an airplane in the jungle, I felt I had to be both

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Peace Map

As the newest pilot on MAF’s Ecuador program in the late 1980s, advancing God’s Kingdom excited me. Yet, a hold-over from commercial pilot culture still

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Flying in Two Worlds

Every station on the main radio network reported low ceilings and rain. But our home base, Shell, Ecuador, looked fine sitting high above the jungle.

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The Power of Integrity

David McCleery, MAF’s Latin America Regional Director, just shared with me an unusual ministry report from the Shuar tribe, an indigenous group I flew for

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How Many Per Seat?

While still in Ecuador, a late afternoon sun burned white. Good weather over the jungle allowed one more flight. I taxied to the runway, passengers

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