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Charlie Brown’s Been Busy

Deep in the jungles of Kalimantan, PK-MCB—Charlie Brown—has been busy exploring new landing sites—opening the doors for ministry and medical care. Here are a few “snapshots” of what he’s been up to.

He’s taken a few trips to support local SIL International (SIL) Bible translators who are working on several different translation projects in the Dayak languages. Charlie Brown flew one SIL worker from Jakarta out to two different remote villages so he could do language checks. These four SIL ladies (top left photo) received a lift to the village of Muara Joloi so they could present and distribute Sunday school materials. Then the plane hopped “next door” to pick up an evangelist working in Naan and brought him to Joloi so he could get the training and material as well. (Naan to Joloi is only a 15-minute flight but is almost impossible by river or over land).

Other recent flights included transporting a pregnant woman to the hospital (top right), as she was having complications; taking two MAF families to minister and preach at a church in the village of Tumbang Olong; and bringing a young man who was injured in a motorcycle accident (bottom left) to get the care he needed.

You can see that PK-MCB keeps very busy and shares the love of Christ in a lot of different ways. Thank you for adopting Charlie Brown and making flights like these possible. Please pray for Charlie Brown’s pilots, and his passengers—the people of Central Kalimantan.



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