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Comfort Food

O taste and see that the Lord is good;
How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!
–Psalm 34:8

In the two years I have lived in Indonesia I have learned different ways to travel, talk, shop, care for my family, respond to situations, and refuel my life, which often seems drained by living overseas.

With so much that is different, I find that I look forward to coming home, shutting out the world, and clinging to what remains the same. As I was hanging out in my comfy chair one morning, I looked up to see my favorite beverage and snack of choice sitting in front of me and it made me think about where I was looking to find my comfort.

D Klynstra_snacks

It was then that I realized, in the midst of so much transition and change in my life, I was longing for control and reaching for the wrong things. But they only provided temporary comfort. How could I serve my family and those around me on a stomach full of “chips and chocolate”? The snacks were not wrong by themselves, but when I came to depend on them, or on social media, or my own busyness, then I began to depend on the Lord less.

D Klynstra_chair

I found being in the Word of God daily is so much more satisfying, and a privilege. So many in this country do not have the written Word of God in their own heart language. I am thankful to be a part of an organization that is helping make this possible by flying His servants to remote places to share the Gospel.

As you pray for missionaries overseas, please pray for their walk with the Lord. It is easy to get caught in the many needs surrounding us, and rely on the wrong things for comfort. But when we’re fed by His Word, He gives the strength for each day.

For He satisfies the longing soul,
the hungry soul He fills with good things
–Psalm 107:9


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