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Emergency Evacuation Saves Six-Year-Old

Papua-MAF-KODIAK-PK-MEA-JulySix-year-old Mika was happily playing with his friends, running and climbing trees in the remote village of Mokndoma in Papua, Indonesia. But when he fell from a branch and it impaled his abdomen upon landing, his day quickly turned serious.

Missionaries in the village feared he might have internal bleeding or an infection. They called MAF and requested an emergency evacuation.

PK-MEA quickly arrived and Mika, his mother, and a missionary friend, boarded the plane. MAF pilot Mike Brown said a prayer for a safe flight and healing for Mika, and then they were off.

Upon arrival in Sentani, Mika was taken to the hospital where the doctor discovered the wood had pierced both sides of Mika’s small intestine and was starting to poke into his large intestine, causing toxins to leak into his abdominal cavity. Mika was whisked off to surgery, and two hours later, the doctor had successfully removed the wood and the fluid from his abdomen.

Less than a week later, Mika was well enough for PK-MEA to return him and his mother to their village, where he continued the healing process. Thanks to your support of PK-MEA, you had a part in Mika’s recovery. Now he’ll be able to run and climb again like every other young boy in the highlands of Papua.


Persevering in hard places

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