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Ministry Spotlight: Brent Halvorsen

MAF maintenance specialist Brent Halvorsen.

Brent Halvorsen may have tuned out when an MAF recruiter spoke to his class at Liberty University in Virginia seven years ago, but God made sure Brent heard at least one word: Idaho.

After majoring in aviation maintenance and biblical studies, Brent moved across the country to Boise, Idaho, to help plant a church. Brent started looking for work and remembered MAF was in Idaho—just 15 minutes away! He volunteered at MAF headquarters for a few months before landing a maintenance job at the Boise Airport.

He gained valuable experience while God moved him towards a new plan. In the fall of 2017, Brent envisioned a crazy “dream job” and proposed it to one of the MAF mobilizers:

“Could you use someone stationed out of Boise who spends time internationally doing maintenance projects several months out of the year?”

The job didn’t exist, but it turns out the candidate committee had been praying for somebody to do exactly that!

“We’ve been praying for you for years to come do this,” Brent describes their response. “We just didn’t know it was you. And you didn’t know it was you … until we all got together.”

Brent is now an MAF pre-fielder—which means he is focused on building his ministry partnership team. As he speaks at churches or meets with individuals, Brent testifies to God’s good plan—a ten-year journey that he only became privy to just over a year ago.

“God’s been working this whole time and I just found out!” laughs Brent. 

There are still a lot of unknowns. Some of the questions he gets are hard to answer: How long will you be gone? How often will you travel? To which Brent replies, “I don’t know yet.”

MAF has not had a position quite like this before, so Brent will be blazing a new path. And his help is greatly needed right now as MAF tries to fill maintenance positions at its field programs. 

Brent tells people to pray about joining his team. He knows it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to do the convincing. And after all, God’s the One who’s brought him this far. Brent’s doing his part and trusting God to make it happen.


Would you like to touch multiple MAF programs through Brent’s ministry, and help bring the love of Christ to isolated people? To join Brent’s team, visit


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