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July 3 – 9, 2017

Do your best to live in peace with everyone.
— Romans 12:18 (NCV)


  • Monday, July 3

    Praise God for staff that are creative, resilient, and committed to the purpose of MAF. Pray that they may continue to work at living in peace with all people.

  • Tuesday, July 4

    Praise God for His abundant and merciful blessings on America as we celebrate Independence day. Pray for the USA, that as a nation we will turn back to the Lord in repentance and choose to serve Him wholeheartedly.

  • Wednesday, July 5

    Pray that MAF will find the right organizational model to serve believers in areas where those in power are hostile to the Gospel.

  • Thursday, July 6

    Lift up Wally and Joan Wiley who have served with MAF in Papua, Indonesia, for over 32 years. Wally’s roles have included construction manager, base manager, program manager, and MAF Indonesia regional manager. Currently Wally has become MAF Indonesia’s “chief advisor” while focusing on the educational and health care needs of the Papua people.

  • Friday, July 7

    Please pray for the new flying doctor project in Niassa Province, Mozambique, that will begin flights next month. We will reach around 1,200 people living in a very remote area in the northern part of the country this year and plan to expand the program to reach over 13,000 within the next three years.

  • Saturday, July 8

    Lift up Ron and Ros Wismer who are currently serving from MAF’s home office in Nampa, Idaho, after being a pilot/mechanic family in Africa for many years. Ron is working as field advisor for ministry initiatives and works on the Tech Resources team.

  • Sunday, July 9

    Pray that the MAF Tech Resources team will be successful in working out the solutions to technical challenges that programs are facing.


Persevering in hard places

Just over a week after a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked southwestern Haiti, MAF pilot Eric Fagerland landed in the town of Jérémie with a load of relief supplies.

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