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Loving on Haiti

After a recent engine change, the Cessna 207 HH-LLS was ready and raring to go. She helped make it possible for a team from Coastline Calvary Chapel of Gulf Breeze, Florida, in partnership with Crossworld, to “Love on Haiti” during a weeklong outreach to the children of Northwestern Haiti.

Long-time Crossworld missionaries Bruce and Deb Robinson support Haitian-run churches and the people in this area in any way they can—building churches and schools, and doing drinking water and irrigation projects in one of the poorest parts of Haiti. The couple organized the outreach with the local churches and arranged the facilities.

HH-LLS was one of the MAF planes that helped transport some of the Calvary Chapel teammates and their cargo to avoid an exhausting full day of travel over rough, sometimes dangerous, roads.

“You can spend all day on a bus to get to us, but the roads are rough enough that it will beat your body up pretty good,” Bruce explained. “And if there is a breakdown or a roadblock, well, you will eventually get there, but it will take a long time.”

The people living in the areas where the outreaches are held have been struggling lately due to drought … and hunger. “All the activities for the children are a big deal and they get breakfast and lunch also, which helps a lot, at least for the three days that camp is held,” said Bruce. “You can see the joy on the children’s faces.”

Each child received a backpack with school supplies, toiletries, and a t-shirt. And most importantly, they learned about Jesus. This year, over 30 children came to know Him as their Savior!

This makes HH-LLS especially happy to know her flights made a difference. And your adoption of this plane helped make it all possible. Thank you for supporting this little Cessna and for making a difference in the lives of Haitian children. Heaven will be fuller because of you.

Please continue to pray for the pilots of HH-LLS, its passengers, and the many partners it serves, like the Robinsons.


*HH-LLS is currently taking over ‘s duties in Haiti while HH-MAF is spending some time at headquarters in Nampa getting a prolonged spa treatment (i.e. getting maintenance work done.) We will keep you updated with how HH-LLS is serving in Haiti until HH-MAF is able to get back to doing what she does best: Reaching isolated people in Haiti with Christ’s love!


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