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March 18 – March 24, 2019

To worship God in wonder and awe
opens a fountain of life within you,
empowering you to escape death’s domain.
-Proverbs 14:27 (TPT)

Monday, March 18
Amazing Creator God, we worship You in wonderment and awe. Everywhere we look, we see evidence of Your handiwork! Everything that fills us with life is from You! Thank you for providing the only way to escape eternal death! That life path is only through Jesus Christ. Glory!

Tuesday, March 19
Please pray for the people of Mozambique in the aftermath of devastating Tropical Cyclone Idai that made landfall last Thursday night. Pray for wisdom for the Disaster Response team who just conducted assessment flights over the area affected by the storm. Pray for the MAF staff and partner organizations as they work on a plan to help those most in need. Early reports say there are over 100 deaths and many thousand seriously impacted by this cyclone.

Wednesday, March 20
Praise God for MAF flights happening around the globe in remotes places like this one in Madagascar. Pray for safety and Kingdom impact everywhere MAF planes go.

Thursday, March 21
Lift up Kevin and Melisa Borror, and their three children, who recently served in Lesotho, Africa, after seven years in Ecuador as a pilot/mechanic family. Currently Kevin works in MAF’s Safety and Quality division in Nampa, Idaho. Pray for the children as they adjust to life in the USA, especially for their eldest son as he looks into higher education options.

Friday, March 22
Praise God for providing funds to keep this ministry flying and flourishing according to His purposes. Praise Him for all the people He calls to support this ministry in such interesting ways.

Saturday, March 23
Lift up Daniel and Kacy Bristol, a pilot/mechanic family who is currently learning the Indonesian language in Java. Pray that they will learn the nuances of Indonesian culture and be able to speak the language with clarity. Pray also for health and protection from mosquito-born diseases like malaria. The traffic in the city of Salatiga can be very busy and challenging. Pray for their safety and well-being.

Sunday, March 24
Praise God for the thriving sewing ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, specifically for women who have been sexually assaulted. An Idaho church is raising money to purchase a sewing machine for each woman to take back to her village after the training and counseling is done.


Persevering in hard places

Just over a week after a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked southwestern Haiti, MAF pilot Eric Fagerland landed in the town of Jérémie with a load of relief supplies.

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