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Ministry Spotlight: Dan and Jodi Appleby

“You just pour your heart and soul out to every student,” says Dan Appleby, a long-time MAF maintenance specialist who teaches at Moody Aviation. “It’s very fulfilling when you hear they’re on the field somewhere or they’re joining MAF or another organization doing mission work.”

Dan and Jodi Appleby with Mission Aviation Fellowship on-loan to Moody Aviation
Jodi and Dan Appleby.

Dan and his wife, Jodi, began their ministry with MAF 27 years ago as a maintenance specialist family in Kalimantan, Indonesia. They served for eight years on the small island of Tarakan, where Dan helped maintain MAF’s fleet of Cessna 206 and 185 aircraft. As a family, they served in a variety of ways through hospitality and ministry in their community.

Knowing their three children would need better education options, Dan and Jodi prayed about where their next assignment might be. An opportunity arose from a familiar place, Dan’s alma mater, Moody Aviation, based in Elizabethton, Tennessee, at the time.

In 2003 MAF “loaned” the Applebys to the school, which teaches the technical and theological disciplines needed by MAF staff. They served there for two years, then made the move to Spokane, Washington, when the school shifted their operations there.

As an advanced maintenance instructor, Dan is responsible for the implementation of maintenance instruction for the advanced pilot/mechanic students. In her role as administrative assistant, Jodi assists staff and students in a variety of ways, including maintaining FAA records, conducting weekly student record audits, serving as Internship Coordinator, and assisting the Ministry Partnership Development Program.

Dan and Jodi are also involved with students in a non-technical capacity, connecting through Bible studies, having students over for meals and games, and challenging them to daily walk with the Lord. Through this informal interaction, they have the opportunity to share about MAF.

“We get to be champions for MAF’s ministry in a lot of ways,” Jodi shared. “Meeting with the students and sharing why we chose MAF, why we’re excited about it, what kind of ministry opportunities are out there.”

The Applebys are grateful for their support team, including some who have supported them since they were students at Moody. “Everybody plays a part, and we really feel like it’s a team effort to be able to do this,” Jodi said. “We could not be here doing this without them.”


Dan and Jodi are seeking additional prayer and financial partners to support their ministry in shaping the next generation of mission aviators. Will you join their team? Learn more at




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