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Ministry Spotlight: Daniel Goheen

A family legacy of MAF service                                                                                       

One of Daniel Goheen’s earliest memories is his dad tucking in his mosquito net at bedtime and praying over him in their home in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). His family was there on their first assignment with MAF.

Daniel Goheen.

“He’d pray the same thing every night, that his boys would grow up to be men of God,” said Daniel.

Daniel’s dad served as an MAF pilot/mechanic for 30 years before his passing in 2013. He remains Daniel’s biggest hero and spiritual influence. (Daniel’s mom continued serving with MAF until 2019.)

During college, Daniel interned at the MAF program where his parents were serving. That internship made a big impression on him.

“I really loved the way the pilot/mechanics would interact with each other and with the local staff. There was a genuine love for one another and a cooperative spirit, and everybody functioned as a cohesive team,” explained Daniel.

Then, three years ago, he volunteered for a short time at MAF’s program in Nyankunde, DRC.

“I was running into people at remote airstrips who remembered my dad. They would share stories of how he influenced and impacted their lives,” said Daniel.

Thirty-four years after Daniel’s parents joined MAF, he is following in his dad’s footsteps and becoming an MAF pilot/mechanic. He will be serving in the DRC.

These field experiences helped solidify his decision to serve with MAF, along with another key factor.

“MAF has always been an extended part of my family,” said Daniel. “The people and personnel at headquarters and abroad are my aunts and uncles.”

As Daniel prepares for his first assignment with MAF, he already knows what it’s like to have a worldwide support team praying for him. During a tough week at boarding school, as a junior in high school, his mother emailed a prayer request on his behalf to a select group of prayer warriors. An hour after the email went out, Daniel says a sense of peace washed over him.

“I felt a real strong sense of God’s love and care for me,” said Daniel.

Today, as Daniel works on building his own ministry partnership team, he believes prayer warriors play the most important role. He has faith that as he does what God has called him to do, God will bring the financial partners.

But first he would like prayer: “Pray for boldness. Pray for patience. Pray for endurance. Pray for the capacity to love others the way Jesus loves.”


Would you like to be part of the Goheen family legacy of taking Christ’s love to isolated people? To join Daniel’s team, go to


Story appeared in the May 2020 FlightWatch, a special 75th anniversary issue:




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