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Ministry Spotlight: Joey and Kathleen Martin

The Martin family.

Working with manuals and data might not seem like most people’s idea of a good time. But Joey Martin, International Director of Quality, said, “Everyone can get behind a system that will improve our overall safety.”

Joey began his MAF career as a pilot/mechanic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where he and his wife, Kathleen, served for eight years. There is a lot of need in the DRC, but they consistently saw Christ-followers meeting those needs in creative ways.

“There were Bible translation projects we were supporting, humanitarian responses to various crises—like malaria, typhoid, Ebola, sleeping sickness—evangelism and discipleship efforts, transporting literally tons of medicine for hospitals, flying sick or injured patients to places where they could receive care, and bringing short-term teams for specific projects,” he said.

Joey especially enjoyed flying Bible translators. “A single flight for that missionary usually will not make or break the entire project,” Joey said. “But the faithfulness of MAF over many years will make it possible for the translator to accomplish their work.”

Then the Martins moved to Lesotho, where they appreciated the interpersonal relationships with the team. “Most of the flying in Lesotho is in support of medical work in remote mountain clinics. It was a joy to be part of meeting the very tangible needs of the Basotho people,” said Joey.

After three years in Lesotho, the Martins returned to MAF headquarters as Joey’s job changed.

“My experience as a pilot/mechanic, and in safety and quality, provided the background necessary to perform our internal audits and to understand how the various pieces of the aviation puzzle fit together,” Joey said. “Looking back, I can see how God was preparing me.”

These days, Joey spends his time on manuals, revisions, audits, data, and spreadsheets. “My job sounds quite boring to most people, but I love it!” he said.

And it all contributes to greater and greater operational safety for all MAF staff serving around the globe.

With seventeen years spent as part of MAF, the Martins have a more mature perspective than they did as freshly minted missionaries. “The daily troubles, the struggles to get electricity and clean drinking water, the loneliness, the interpersonal conflicts, and the losses—these things can bring discouragement in the moment,” Kathleen said. “But the Lord uses all of it. We only have to be faithful to do what he gives us to do each day, and then trust that he has a bigger plan than what we can see.”

The Martins are looking for new ministry partners to pray for their ministry and provide financial support. To join their team, visit

Story ran in the Vol. 2 2024 edition of FlightWatch. Read the entire issue here:


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