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Your continued support of MAF brings hope in Hurricane Matthew’s wake.

HAITI – Imagine how much the world has changed since October, 2016. With the constant barrage from news outlets and social media, even last week feels like a distant memory.

Disasters like Hurricane Matthew that struck Haiti in October prompt quick action. Disaster response teams from non-profit organizations and NGO’s spring into action funded by donors who are eager to help alleviate the suffering—which is wonderful!

However, as is often the case during such tragedies, each week that passes often pushes the relief efforts further from the public eye. But for those left in the ruins, the pain is still real.

Many Haitians are still suffering from Hurricane Matthew—many in that country were still recovering from the 2010 earthquake. But because of your ongoing support, MAF has been able to continue our disaster response efforts to bring healing to the people of this country. By early December, MAF had logged 355 flight hours, delivered 25,839 kg of cargo and flown 1,086 passengers, many of which are from 78 different agencies bringing relief to Haiti.

In addition to these disaster response flights, MAF Haiti has been conducting regular flights to parts of the country not affected by the hurricane. Cargo is now being transported by road and by barges, but the passenger demand for MAF services remains very high as we transition into the rehabilitation phase. To help meet these needs, the KODIAK which was sent from MAF headquarters in Nampa, Idaho, that was scheduled to depart Haiti at the end of this week, will now stay into February.

“As MAF has been bringing in teams and supplies and resources over the last few weeks, we see things going back to normalcy. We’re seeing a lot more joy. With the supplies coming in, that’s been able to calm people down a bit,” said Mark Stockeland, executive director of Haiti Bible Mission.

MAF staff have served in Haiti for the past 30 years. Their knowledge of the country and existing relationships with the Haitian people and other organizations there—not to mention the aircraft—have helped open doors for relief to pour into this country.

“MAF is really one of the only organizations that is consistently in Haiti, and actually is always willing to move supplies and people, not just to Port-Salut but to other parts of Haiti. We’re very appreciative that that service is available and how quickly they’re willing to respond to needs,” said Robin Horak, a physician with No Time for Poverty.

Because of your support, MAF’s work is possible. You are touching lives in Haiti and around the world with the love of Jesus Christ. The many people we serve are so grateful for you!

“Thank you so much for your support of MAF, which allows us to bring aid to over 300 families affected by Hurricane Matthew in the Jeremie region. We have a long relationship with MAF, and it’s wonderful to know that a group of believers is here in Haiti, helping us get to the areas that need it most.” Said Regine Jean-Baptiste, executive director of Lighthouse LANDS.

“The devastation we’ve seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew is shocking. Those who have donated to this response are meeting desperate physical needs, and our prayer is that doors will also open for spiritual transformation. Thank you for your deep care for the people of Haiti,” said David McCleery, MAF Latin America regional director.

There is still a long road ahead for the Haitian people, but with God’s love, their indomitable spirit, and your support, hope can thrive in Haiti in the weeks, months, and years ahead.


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