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October 5 – 11, 2015

“Everything He does reveals His glory and majesty. His righteousness never fails.” — Psalm 111:3

Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, October 5

    Praise the Lord that His righteousness never fails, and He reveals his glory in everything He does (Ps. 111:3).

  • Tuesday, October 6

    Dave and Hilda Fyock have served as MAF missionaries since 1992. Dave and Hilda enjoyed their time overseas with MAF in Albania and Costa Rica. As vice president of Operations, Dave Fyock oversees the following divisions of MAF: Field Operations, Aviation Resources, Technical Resources, Safety and Quality, and Special Projects. Hilda leads MAF’s new department of Corporate Training.

  • Wednesday, October 7

    Praise the Lord for Bible Translation work happening in Papua and the privilege MAF has of supporting Bible translators with flight service. Wycliffe translator MyoSook reports that they plan to do the finishing touches on translating the book of Matthew into the Auyu language next month in Merauke, Papua.

  • Thursday, October 8

    Lift up the MAF team in Uganda as they install their flight following radio in the Kajjansi office and work on applications for the Certificate of Airworthiness renewals. May their radio reception be clear and their airplanes be cleared to fly.

  • Friday, October 9

    Adel and Molly Gaviola, along with their sons, Isaac and Elijah, are excited to serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Wamena, Papua, Indonesia. Pray for their cultural adjustment and new ministry opportunities. Molly is using her gift of teaching to educate the children of missionaries at Hillcrest School.

  • Saturday, October 10

    Pray for the six month-old baby in Nepal who was attacked by a monkey, bitten severely on the head and face. Infection set in after a month with no treatment available in the remote village of Bihi, Nepal, near the Tibetan border, United Vision Nepal staff urged the baby’s mother to seek medical care before it was too late. Mother and child received an MAF-subsidized helicopter flight, where the baby received life-saving treatment in Kathmandu. Two months later they were flown back to their village where the baby continues to recuperate.

  • Sunday, October 11

    Lift up the MAF Board of Directors, chaired by Bob Swanson, and ask the Lord to lead them as they care for the ministry of MAF. Pray also for new Board members God will lead to the Nomination Committee–people He has gifted and called to serve on the Board.

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