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Reconciliation in Eastern Congo

In late January, UK-based Flame International, a ministry that helps the people of Africa find healing and reconciliation after years of violence, sent a team to Boga in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The people of that area have suffered the effects of a brutal war for over a decade.

Cessna Caravan 9Q-CAU took the Flame International team over the mountains into Boga. Working with a local Anglican church, they spent two weeks there praying for the people and assisting with a church conference.

“About 64 people attended the conference for pastors and leaders, and 128 ladies attended a women’s conference. They all received Bibles. We had a good visit to the Army Base and the hospital. The school visits went well also,” said Nigel Reilly, one of the team members and a former MAF pilot in Kenya. “Many received prayer for healing, the highlight being a lady who miraculously had her sight restored!”

9Q-CAU is thrilled to be a part of this work, in an area where the people are still hurting from the war and ongoing violence.

Cessna Caravan 9Q-CAU is perfect for delivering a several-person team like this one, along with all their gear, into remote places like Boga. Your adoption of this plane means that you are helping to bring healing to this place. Thank you for making a difference!

Please continue to lift up the ministry of 9Q-CAU and its pilots. Pray for safe flights and that they enable hope and healing throughout eastern Congo.

9Q-CAU makes flights like these possible in the DRC, bringing physical and spiritual healing to a country still recovering from the effects of war.

Flame International Team


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