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A Pastor’s Testimony

Last September, MAF and three partnering organizations held a formal pastor training for 105 pastors from El Salvador and the surrounding regions. Most of the participants came from rural areas and had little to no formal pastoral education. During the training, MAF introduced several different tools and methods that the participants could use in order to develop their own teaching strategies. One pastor, Edwin, believes this training will make a big impact on the people in his region of western El Salvador:

For me it is a great blessing to be in this study.

In my past life without Christ, I belonged to a gang where sadness moves freely, as well as bitterness, anger, fights and a spirit of death. So I give thanks to God because this teaching has affected my life in a great way and I am able to go back to the ones I met who have been in drugs, alcohol and gangs. I am able to share the reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

I give thanks to Edutech [MAF in Costa Rica]. I never thought I would be able to have this type of teaching. I say it again that it has been a big blessing since now I have a better idea of how to reach people who are without Christ, how to approach sad, bitter people. Now I can come with greater knowledge of the Word of God to these people and tell them how great the love of Jesus Christ is and that he can save us and give us a better life.”

Pastor Edwin addressing the conference attendees.
Pastor Edwin addressing the conference attendees.

El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. Like many other Central American countries, there is a strong Christian presence but many people live in poverty and have few resources to help them grow in their faith. MAF is working to equip more pastors like Edwin to reach isolated people with Christ’s love.


Persevering in hard places

Just over a week after a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked southwestern Haiti, MAF pilot Eric Fagerland landed in the town of Jérémie with a load of relief supplies.

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