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Telling the Story

I could tell Roxana was nervous when she first arrived for MAF’s orality training. She, along with pastors and seminary students, participated in our inductive Bible storytelling workshop at ESEPA seminary in San Sebastian, Costa Rica. At the end of the three-day workshop, however, Roxana was a flawless Bible storyteller.

Laura (left) with Roxana.
Laura (left) with Roxana.
Her “conversion” came about when she presented the story of Elisha and the Widow’s Oil from 2 Kings 4. The other attendees were enamored by her rendition of the Old Testament story and her inductive method of questioning, so much so that it turned into an hour-long discussion concerning God’s provision and faithfulness in arduous times.

What happened after Roxana presented the story is a testimony of how God can use us despite our weaknesses and lack of faith. One of the homework assignments during the training was to go out and share the stories with others over the course of the week. Roxana once again was not sure she had the courage to tell a friend or acquaintance a Bible story. Nonetheless, she promised she would give it a whirl and report how it went. The following week her joy was contagious. “I’m a believer! The Lord brought three widows into my life this week and guess what story I shared? Elisha and the Widow’s Oil!” exclaimed Roxana. Her enthusiasm blessed everyone in attendance, as the power of the Holy Spirit had gone forth and ministered to not only Roxana but also the widows she had encountered just a few days earlier.

“So, what story do you want to learn next?” I asked her with a smile. “ALL of them,” she replied. And then she winked and gave me a kiss.


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