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Donating an aircraft to MAF can be a very rewarding experience!

Since 1945 MAF has accepted donated aircraft, and these aircraft serve in the most remote places in the world! Your donated aircraft could be the tool used to reach a lost tribe, transport a sick child to the hospital, or bring disaster relief to a devastated area. MAF’s global fleet of aircraft are purchased and powered by donations!

Please email Dave Rask if you would like to discuss the donation of an airplane to MAF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can MAF use my donated aircraft?

MAF is looking for airworthy aircraft to place in unique aviation programs around the world, as well as donated aircraft to sell and help fund new aircraft that are desperately needed to bring healing and hope.

Can I receive a tax deduction for my donation?

Yes, MAF is an IRS 501(c)(3) charity approved to receive donations. If your aircraft is used by MAF, or appreciably modified by MAF, you can deduct the appraised market value of your aircraft. You will need to have the aircraft appraised to determine the market value and the amount of your deduction before you donate it. Let us assist you if you need to find a qualified appraiser. If the aircraft is sold by MAF, the value of the deduction is determined by the sale price of the aircraft.

Can my aircraft be used for a charitable trust?

Yes, in certain circumstances your aircraft could be sold and the proceeds used to fund a Charitable Trust giving you a tax deduction now, a pay-out during retirement, and a contribution to MAF later.

How will I know if MAF will want to keep my aircraft for ministry or sell it?

Due to the expense and lack of availability of Aviation Gasoline (Avgas) in the places we serve around the world, we can determine the suitability of your aircraft for overseas service with a short phone call. Generally, we can place certain aircraft that are eligible for an unleaded auto-fuel Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) or a conversion to a diesel engine in service overseas.

What different types of aircraft is MAF looking for?

Right now MAF is has an immediate need for the following aircraft:

  • Pilatus PC-12
  • Quest Kodiak 100
  • Cessna Grand Caravan
  • SMA Diesel Powered Cessna 182
  • A light twin-engine aircraft suitable for training and eligible for an auto gas STC.
  • A light single-engine complex aircraft suitable for training and eligible for the auto gas STC.
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