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April 11 – April 17 , 2016

Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the Lord.
—Psalm 107: 43


Priorities for Prayer

  • Monday, April 11

    Thank the Lord for His great love for each of us.

  • Tuesday, April 12

    Lift up the MAF Lesotho team as they partner with several local churches in Maseru to share the Gospel with their own people in the mountain villages.

  • Wednesday, April 13

    Pray for safety and security as some of the Lesotho team have experienced home break-ins recently. Thankfully, nobody was harmed.

  • Thursday, April 14

    Chad and Andi Irwin serve in Ecuador with their two children. Chad is the chief pilot, mentoring the Ecuadorian pilots both technically and spiritually. Andi works several days a week at the missionary school as librarian and president of the school board. She is also involved in women’s ministries. Please pray for wisdom, effectiveness, and strength for this family.

  • Friday, April 15

    Pray for the right person to be found for the engineer vacancy in Bangladesh.

  • Saturday,April 16

    Lift up Dave and Donna Jacobsson as they serve in Nyankunde, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Dave is a pilot/mechanic, flying in support of the Congolese church, Christian hospitals, Bible translation, and literacy, as well as crisis aid to thousands of vulnerable people in areas that still suffer from violence and insecurity. Donna assists flight operations through HF radio communications, participates in women’s ministries, and enjoys opportunities to use her RN background volunteering in the hospital.

  • Sunday, April 17

    Praise God that MAF in Uganda was able to fly a team on a short-term mission team from Ramos Ministries recently. Ramos Ministries is an outgrowth of Life Church in Washington State. They work in children’s ministries and run an orphanage in Uganda.

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