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The Ability to Go Anywhere

Praying before a flight to Kikwit, west DRC, with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).
Praying before a flight to Kikwit, west DRC, with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).

The beauty of serving with MAF is the ability to go anywhere. You’re probably thinking, “Well, yes, that’s why you have small airplanes,” but that’s not exactly what I mean.

As pilots of MAF aircraft in a developing country we gain a certain respect and admiration from all types of people of various backgrounds. So, not only do we think of how we can use the physical airplane to break down barriers and overcome isolation, but we see it as a tool to open doors.

nick frey blog 2When I meet directors of NGOs, heads of government branches, and diplomatic leaders, they are usually impressed with the service we provide. We could just stop there and let our pride swell up and our egos explode with satisfaction. But that’s not why we’re here. Our real mission, of course, is sharing the love of Christ to see people authentically transformed—providing good service is just the beginning.

Once you have earned the respect of someone they start paying attention to the things you say. And when you explain that the real reason you moved across the world to be in this difficult place is because of God and His love, then heads really start to turn.

And so we go, be it carrying chickens or vaccinations, world leaders or a missionary and his guitar, getting people out of a hostile environment or taking skilled personnel to fight Ebola. And as we go, we look for open doors and for doors that will open—so that the light of Christ can shine … anywhere.


Persevering in hard places

Just over a week after a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked southwestern Haiti, MAF pilot Eric Fagerland landed in the town of Jérémie with a load of relief supplies.

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